Property Management & Property Investment Advisers

We believe that property opens doors for investment success, provides a place to call home and offers a platform for community renewal.


Rock is a property investment adviser and manager.  We are a company run by investors, for investors.  We know that residential property should be a secure and profitable investment, but experience has taught us that it takes planning, smart decisions and a lot of time to find the right property.

We’ve used this experience of the lessons that we have learnt over the 20 year journey of our directors to tailor all of our services to you - the investor. Our aim is to see your investment thrive beyond your wildest dreams, and we utilise all of our knowledge to make this happen.

Based in two of Australia’s fastest growing metropolitan areas in Hobart and the Sunshine Coast, Rock knows a thing or two about opportunity.

Whether it be through timely property development, or the insight of one of our investment advisers, you can be rest assured in knowing that we’re here to maximise your asset to its full potential.