This is quite possibly an industry first.

With one simple phone call you can arrange everything from feasibility analysis, acquisition and planning approval through to design specs, project management and divestment (and of course, if you want to hold onto your new properties, we will happily manage them for you).

We understand that delivering on time and within budget are two crucial factors that contribute to a successful development. But at Rock Property we want to go further, and that’s why we take such a process driven approach – so we can reduce your stress and increase your confidence in undertaking developments.

With Rock Property you will not only benefit from our established relationships with builders and contractors but you will get a more comprehensive, holistic approach. Take, for example, our design optimisation process, which maximises returns by selecting only those house features that will drive higher valuations and rents.

Doesn’t matter if you’re developing a new or existing property, your first or your thirty-first, Rock Property will deploy the same industry leading intelligence and discipline to ensure a hassle-free process.

If you would like any information about property development or simply want to discuss a possibility, we would welcome your call.